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Mansa Musa: Richest in History

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This week is about Mansa Musa. This Emperor of Mali is one of the greatest leaders that Alkebulan (Africa) has ever known. He is someone that I personally admire and will seek guidance from in terms of business, leadership and greatness. He has contributed a lot to the building blocks of Alkebulan and the whole world. This is was a man who cherished his people and loved his continent. Everything that Mansa Musa did was for Alkebulan and the restoration of its former glory in Kemet, Nubia or Kush, Carthage, and many of our nations. He understood the importance of unity and working towards a united people with one power, love and society. We honor his spirit because he was wise, moral and very powerful. Many do not know him because he left out even when we pour libations but now is the time for us to understand his mission and who he was.
King Mansa Musa wasn't just the 1% of the 14th century — he may be the richest person of all time. As the obscure ruler of West Africa’s Mali Empire, Musa amassed a jaw-dropping $400 billion during his reign from 1312 to 1337, according to a new inflation-adjusted list by That outranks the Rothschild family, whose European banking dynasty landed them second on the list with $350 billion, and John D. Rockefeller, the American industrialist worth $340 billion. The 25 billionaires and families listed have made some megabucks, with a combined worth of $4.3 trillion. As for Musa’s wealth, his “shocking wealth came from his country’s vast production of more than half the world’s supply of salt and gold,” according to the Celebrity Net Worth survey, which converted each billionaire’s fortunes into 2012 dollars. Musa was a devout Muslim who spearheaded an extensive building program of palaces and mosques. But his money was eventually lost after his death in 1337, when he was believed to be in his late 50s. “His heirs were not able to fend off civil war and invading conquerors. Just two generations later, his world record net worth was gone,” Celebrity Net Worth said.
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